Whether it be for advice or litigation, TERRÉSA law firm plays a vital role in providing expert advice for fundamental agribusiness operations.

Rural lease, expansion, transfer, acquisition… Farmers and winegrowers have to deal with these common operations in order to properly manage and develop their farm. They also have to confirm compliance with SAFER’s rules & regulations and general structure inspections.
With the constant evolution of law, agri-entrepreneurs are compelled to adopt more stringent standards, requiring a better anticipation of regulatory changes. From this observation, TERRÉSA law firm intervenes in the definition of the right growth strategy and provides support for farm manager and/or investor in all operating procedures.
The number, diversity and complexity of cases handled with SAFER enable TERRÉSA law firm to draw on real field expertise throughout the country.

Main assignments

Strategy Definition

& negotiation
(acquisitions and
retrocessions by amicable means)

Relation management
with the various
stakeholders involved

Participation in drafting
legislative acts and formalities
(DIA, specifications, etc.)


A number of operations (installation, expansion, grouping of farms, transfer of shares, etc.) are subject to preliminary farming authorisation. A thorough analysis for each situation a minima is necessary.

Failure to comply with these regulations can often have consequences that are poorly assessed and that could even be irreversible (lease void, economic penalties, loss of public agricultural aid, etc.)

Armed with their experience, the partners and lawyers at TERRÉSA intervene at a very early stage in order to provide the best support possible as in relations and negotiations with SAFER.

Main assignments

Situation assessment
and determination
of the applicable regime

Strategic advice

of legal formalities


For the most part, the tenancy status is a matter of public policy and must be handled with caution and precision, whether one is the lessor owner or tenant farmer.

From the contract-to-deed agreement to the end of lease, TERRÉSA law firm will provide you with advice and guidance throughout the lessor-lessee relations (choice of lease, execution of infrastructure projects, revision of tenancy, outgoing lessee compensation, provision of services, holidays, etc.)

In addition, some issues regarding legislation on rural leases need to be addressed to ensure proper engineering asset management, such as setting up new farm corporation, restructuring operations, transfers or transmissions.

Main assignments

study, advice

Drafting of rural leases
and provision agreements


Nowadays, society is an almost indispensable tool for agribusiness organisations.

What type of agricultural company should you choose for your farm:
– farm management or running company?
– commercial company?
– landholding company?

The TERRÉSA law firm promotes decision-making assistance and provides security both at the operational level and in terms of asset performance and optimisation, as well as tax and social optimisation schemes.

Main assignments

Company creation

Merger and acquisition

Transfer of shares

Specific contracts